International Club of Estepona

The "ICE" Club

A Social and Cultural Club for English Speaking People.






Membership was represented by 44 members present and 8 postal votes


Apologies received from Michael Dowling, Moira Dowling, Geoff Fabron, Lesley-Ann Fabron,

Nigel Nevshehir


Management Committee Present:    Sheila Fox (President), Sue Potter (Vice President)

Ted Lunniss (Treasurer), Margaret Whittley (Secretary), Julie Wood (Estepona), Brenda Taylor (Housekeeper), Diane Hackett (Welfare) Ian Horwood (Bar Manager/Acting Maintenance Manager) Daniel Hackston (Member),





President’s Welcome

Minutes of the last AGM

Matters Arising from Minutes

President’s Report

Auditor’s Report

Financial Report

Bar Report

Catering Report

Maintenance Report

House Manager’s Report

Membership Fee for 2024





Sheila Fox welcomed members present and asked for all mobile phones to be switched off



MINUTES OF THE LAST AGM – The minutes were posted in the Club premises for the required 90 days during which time members were requested to read same.





There being no matters arising the Minutes were proposed by John Barr-Richardson (2018055) and seconded by Richard Wood (2000017)



PRESIDENT´S REPORT Sheila Fox (2014074) is attached



AUDITOR´S REPORT Doug Mitchell (2006152) is attached



FINANCIAL REPORT – Treasurer´s Report attached


Proposed by Sheila Defries (2004115) and seconded by Brian Hooper (2014047)



BAR MANAGER´S REPORT – Ian Horwood (2019039) is attached



CATERING MANAGER`S REPORT – None but mention made in Brenda Taylor´s Housekeeping Report



MAINTENANCE REPORT – Ian Horwood (2019039) is attached



HOUSE MANAGER´S REPORT – Brenda Taylor (2009047) is attached





The Committee proposes that the amount of 40€ will remain the same for the year 2024





Daniel Hackston (2021006) had completed the appropriate nomination form by the due date and was sponsored by Fran Horwood (2018049) for the post of Vice-President

Voting took place with the following results:


For Against Abstain

48 3 0


Paul Parrick (2022062) had completed the appropriate nomination form by the due date and was sponsored by Fran Horwood (2018049) for the post of Treasurer


For Against Abstain

50 1 0





  • David Godwin-Lear (2023004) stated that he had used the Suggestion Box that morning.  These will be looked at the next Committee Meeting on Tuesday 14 March.
  • Fran Horwood (2018049) asked the Committee to re-evaluate the cost of activities i.e. why do some make a charge e.g. Games Afternoon, Bums and Tums and others don´t e.g. Art, Mahjong.  Bridge, Quiz Night and Film Night all make a charge and she felt consistency is needed for all regular activities.  .  Nina Taminiau (2010004) totally agreed with Fran.  Sue Potter (2003012) pointed out that it was usually where no prizes were involved.   A quick show of hands was given agreeing that a charge should be made.  This will be discussed at the next Committee Meeting
  • John Barr-Richardson (2018055) wished to know why proxy votes were not used for the AGM as well as postal votes.  Angela Bladen (2008066) also wanted to know this.  Sue Potter (2003012) said this used to be in operation many years ago but had been misused and it had been felt that postal votes were the correct method.  Carole Brown-Zuin (2023005) confirmed that she had sent a postal vote for this AGM but as she found herself able to attend did not use a voting slip to be counted today.
  • John Barr-Richardson (2018055) asked if there had been an EGM since 2010 as the website showed this was the last one.  It was confirmed there had been one in November 2015 regarding the lift installation and the website will be updated accordingly.
  • Discussion took place regarding visiting non-members:
  • Joe Thorley (2007069) asked for clarification why ex-members were not allowed to come to events as guests.  It was pointed out that they could come on trips by paying the extra guest fee but not to in-house events.   Joanna Huisman (2004002) did not agree with the rule that non-members could only visit on three occasions during their lifetime before joining and felt that they should be allowed to visit the Club whenever they visited the area. 
  • Nick Smith (2022027) asked for clarification regarding house guests.  It was re-iterated that the house guests of members could come as many times as they visited provided they were signed in by the member.
  • Sheila Defries (2004115) thought this was connected to licensing laws but it was pointed out that wasn´t the case. 
  • Doug Mitchell (2006152) stated that it was a private members´ club – end of story
  • John Barr-Richardson (2018055) wanted to know why the club premises could only be used by the Bahia Dorada Community for their AGM when Rule 5 stated that other organisations were also allowed.  It was pointed out that an Addendum had been made to this rule on 8 December 2015 and the website will be updated accordingly.
  • Fran Horwood (2018049) asked if it was felt that the one-off 20€ admin fee in addition to the yearly fee at the time of joining the Club, was putting people off becoming members.  This had been discussed by the Committee in the past and had been agreed to continue.  Any change to this would require a proposal being put forward at the next AGM.



There being no other business the Meeting closed at 12.02pm



Signed ____________________________



Date ____________________________





Welcome everybody and thank you for coming today to support your Club.  I’d ask you all to please turn your mobile phones to silent.


Now would be a good time to remember all those members to whom we have had to say our final goodbyes since the last AGM.


Like last year, this has been difficult because there has not been a full committee and most of us have been doing at least 2 people’s jobs.  We have also been affected by a number of things completely beyond our control and we are having to think about how and why and the way we are doing things.  The war in Ukraine has seen prices soaring – energy, fuel and food prices.  The ups and downs of the government in the UK have had an impact on the currency exchange, which affects many of us and since the end of the Brexit transition period, we are seeing the effects of the 90/180 day rule and how this has made a big change to the way our members come and go and how much time and when they can spend it

at their homes in Spain.


As is the usual procedure at this time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many volunteers who ensure the smooth running of the Club. I do appreciate their help and commitment to the Club.  Firstly, to Sue Potter who stepped in as Vice President for this last year.  Her help and advice have been invaluable in many areas. As you know Sue; Rob have been one of the mainstays in the kitchen this last year, where the number of volunteers has been depleted.   Thank you to Maggie Whittley, who does a sterling job as club secretary and as well with Fran Horwood is responsible for selling the tickets for events and trips.  To Diane Hackett for her work as Welfare Officer as well as organiser of trips and wakes  Thanks to Ian Horwood and his team of volunteers who help run the bar and to Ian for doubling as Maintenance Manager for the whole of last year.  To Doug Mitchell for auditing the accounts and Ted Lunniss our Treasurer.  Ted is stepping down from this role after 11 years and we thank him for all his work.  Thanks to Julie Wood for organising ladies’ lunches and to Lynne Danby who has taken on this role in the last 6 months.  To Brenda Taylor for housekeeping and along with Bob Taylor, Dan and Renee Hackston and Sue and Rob Potter and the group of volunteers who produce such lovely meals on a Thursday and for our special events.  Thanks to Dave Hackett for running the lottery every week, and to Ken Holloway who stands in for him when he is away.  To Peter Galloway for maintaining the book library, week after week, year after year.  Thanks to Betty Fooks who edits the magazine.  Betty has decided to resign as magazine editor after the next edition –that is April / May. We will be looking to replace her.  Thanks to Sally Holloway for the collection of membership fees and updating the computer records. We are pleased to be able to accept payments now by card, with the introduction of our new card-reader.  To Vic Loughran and Maggie Whittley for printing posters, tickets and restaurant vouchers, sometimes at very short notice. Thanks also to Vic Loughran for managing and updating the website.  To Maureen Winkle who sells the tickets for these lovely meals on Thursdays, as well as cajoling money out of you all for the raffles we hold at many events.  To Stephanie Monahan for doing the meet and greet at the front door every Thursday. Thanks are due to the organisers of all our regular events, Art group and Art Classes, bowls, bridge, canasta, film night, golf, History, Krafty Club, Mah-jong, Quiz, Rambling, Spanish and Bums & Tums exercise class.  I would like to thank all the Committee for their help and support over the past year.  If I have forgotten anyone I apologise.


As you have heard, to run a successful Club with a variety of interests we need many volunteers.


We all pay our annual membership fees, but still it is necessary to volunteer where you can to keep the club going.  Without volunteers the Ice Club would not exist. 


Please can I remind you that we do not know of people’s special birthdays or anniversaries so please inform Diane so that we can help celebrate.  Special Birthdays to celebrate are 80, 90; 100.  Anniversaries are 40, 50, 60, 70 and 75.  In fact, we don’t know everyone’s birthday, especially if you have not provided the information on your membership form.


I’d like to thank all the members for their support of me and of the Committee at all of the events and trips we have held this past year.  Maintenance of club premises and equipment is always ongoing, if you see anything that needs to be repaired, please inform Ian Horwood or Brenda Taylor or one of the Committee.


The Committee is continuing this year with Margaret Whittley as Secretary, Ian Horwood and Diane Hackett continue unopposed in their roles as Bar Manager and Welfare Officer and Wakes Organiser respectively.  Brenda Taylor will continue the role of House Manager and Julie Wood will also continue.  Dan Hackston is standing as Vice President, please vote for him.  Paul Parrick is standing as Treasurer, he has already been working in this role for the last few months.  I hope you will vote for him.  Sue Potter will continue to work in the bar, kitchen, DVD organiser, Film Night and run various events and activities and of course she will keep us up to date on FB and the Website with the ongoing government regulations.  Sue will also be taking on the role of auditor when she leaves the committee. 


We still have the following committee positions available – Catering Manager and 3 other positions.  As well as the non-committee posts – Advertising Manager, Maintenance Manager and as I mentioned earlier the new position of magazine editor.


Before I finish thanking everybody, I would like to inform you that we now have 561 members on our FaceBook page, not all of them are ICE members but they are following us.  This is an increase of more than 200 in the last 12 months. It is a good tool to advertise our Club and the events we hold.  Those of you that follow us, I hope you all find it helpful and informative.  All the information we post on our FB page is also on our Website and updated by Vic.  However, I would like to point out, that we have always strived to keep this forum positive as a marketing tool and to try to avoid negative comments as these are not helpful.


Thank you once again everyone for all your support.


Sheila Fox (2014074)






I have audited the Club accounts from January to December 2022 and found them to be well kept and correct.


The Club is in a better financial position than the previous year and had several profitable events in 2022 which has contributed to a successful year.


Doug Mitchell (2006152)



FINANCIAL REPORT - Ted Lunniss  (2006177) - Treasurer


The past year has seen a welcome improvement to our finances, albeit minor.  A return to a small excess is a good sign.


Membership total of 280 plus honaries is still short of pre-covid figures, and the restrictive government rules do not encourage non-resident members returning. To 31 December we have attracted 25 new members.


We do still need to increase our income, both to cover increasing overheads and to build a reserve against sudden expenditure.  Members subscriptions and bar takings remain our main sources of income with events, trips and catering making good contributions.  Advertising has remained stable but still does not cover magazine printing.


As a socio-cultural organisation we are not liable for, nor do we charge IVA.


We had a total of 8 events, 5 day trips and 1 long trip contributing over 7.000€.  If we can increase these activities and our membership we could look forward to a better 2023.


I thank Doug mitchell for auditing and Paul Parrick for volunteering to replace me as Treasurer.


I have not received any questions or queries regarding the accounts, but if anyone has one I will try to answer it now, but if unable to do so, will research and reply later.


Thank you all for your kind attention.


Ted Lunniss, Club Treasurer – (2006117)




It has been another busy and profitable year for the bar over 2022 due primarily to the return to normal activities and events afforded by the improving changes to COVID regulations in early 2022.

Whilst the bar turnover has increased more than 30% year on year the actual profit margins are lower (down about 3%). This is obviously due to the ongoing cost of living crisis that is impacting us all. The costs of soft drinks, coffee, Tapas, etc. have all increased significantly, however, I have only increased the cost of Tapas during last year.  Of course, I will continue to review all costs, and will discuss the option for increasing some bar prices as we all continue to live with the higher costs.


I am also experiencing challenges with supply issues at our normal vintners (Montisur) whereby normal stock items have not been regularly available, such as Rosado, this has meant that I have had to look at other alternatives and even other suppliers to procure the required stock.  This has led to a variance of what is available from the bar, and I do not see this issue changing any time soon.  So, all I ask is that you bear with me until things normalize, if indeed they ever will!


Although the sale of beer has remained relatively strong, I have made the decision not to replace the Victoria beer on tap.  However, I am discussing options and alternatives with key club members, and I will continue to review the situation and present options as and when they arise.


I continue to receive quite a bit of feedback from members regarding the choice (or lack of) of wines and other beverages.  Whilst I appreciate that people like options especially when enjoying a special occasion, but the ability to hold large quantities of differing choices means that we would have a higher level of wastage.  However, I have increased the wine choices so that we now have three different white wines, as well as three red.  We continue with the same Cava choice although I do hold a small stock of Zero Alcohol Cava for those that have requested it.  I am always open to suggestions and recommendations so please do come and talk to me, BUT they must meet the needs and tastes of the majority of club members to make it financially viable.


Finally, I would like to remind everyone that the bar can only function and service the members through its volunteers.  It is a good way of meeting members, and integrating into the club so any new members who would be interested in volunteering please either see me, or one of the volunteers who will give you an honest opinion on the benefits (or otherwise) of helping behind the bar.  I am lucky to have an excellent pool of members who always put their hands up to volunteer behind the bar.  Without this team of volunteers there would be no bar, and thereby no formal way of supporting club events etc.  ALL bar volunteers have my enduring thanks and gratitude for all the work last year, and for the coming year.


Ian Horwood (2019039)





I would like to start with a general topic which is around the ongoing upkeep of the property. There has been a number of instances where issues have occurred within the club which were discovered

by members BUT not communicated to anybody.


One such instance was that there was a power cut in the kitchen and bar area due to a circuit breaker issue which resulted in the loss of quite a bit of food, and also meant that the chillers for the bar were inoperative.  If somebody had been informed we could have rectified the situation in a more timely and effective manner.  There was also another incident whereby the downstairs security system camera fell off the wall, it was picked up and left on a table by someone, but again no communications to anyone who could have resolved the issue.  Bottom line is that if you see anything then please let someone know.  All the necessary contact numbers are in the magazine and available to all members.


The Lift is another topic.  It is getting more reliable, and we have regular scheduled maintenance to ensure that it stays that way.  However if there are issues there is a 24hr on-call number which can be called in emergencies, but again if in doubt let me or someone know.


As some of you know we have installed a faster WiFi network which is now up and running, and which all members should be using.  We cannot replace the old one completely due to a couple of issues (primarily that the alarm system uses the old WiFi network therefore cannot be switched off).  If you need any help connecting to the new network just ask, or see the posters on the notice boards’ and behind the bar.


We continue to have all the important systems serviced (such as air-con) and also ensured that the annual fumigation was been completed at the correct time.  We have had the terrace rails repaired and painted which has not been done in recent memory.  Please note that things fail and adjustments are needed from time to time so please let us know if you see anything, or think something needs to be done.


I would personally like to thank Willy McIntosh for all the work that he has carried out for us, which is always completed to a very high standard.


Ian Horwood (2019039)

Interim Maintenance Manager




Good morning


I have tried to keep costs down and the only major job I have done is to have all the curtains washed at a local company in Estepona.


I have purchased the standard equipment for ladies and gents bathrooms and cleaning goods for Isabella


I would ask you all to be aware of any cushions or table clothes that need attention, let me know or a member of the Committee who will inform me.


Could you all please make sure when using the bathrooms you turn out all lights as we all know how much electricity has risen.


Catering - I would just like to say a few words - we need a Catering Manager.  At the moment we have a team of me, Sue and Rob, Dan and Renee, luckily they also help me, she is my sister, Jaqui and Paul.  We try our best to provide meals on Thursdays and we have done some Sunday lunches and also evening meals. We are all hoping that some of the new members will take up the challenge to cook for the club.  Please don’t say you can’t cook for lots of people, none of us are professional cooks, we are just housewife cooks who wanted to help the club raise money to help the club funds.

Also I would like to thank all you regular members who come every week to eat our meals and support the club.


Please come and do some cooking for us we will help you all we can.  Our club needs you and I am getting too old!

Brenda Taylor (2009047)