International Club of Estepona

The "ICE" Club

A Social and Cultural Club for English Speaking People.






Sorry to say that Martin has had to postpone Spanish Lessons for the immediate future, due to his ill health.

Watch this space for more news.





As we are currently struggling with kitchen volunteers for the cooked Thursday lunches, on the occasions that we are unable to cook lunches, we will be providing tapas from the bar, with the specials proving popular.
Our New Newsletter

Our printed magazine has now been retired and we have moved into the digital age!
Betty, who has been creating our Magazine and more lately, our Newsletter, has now retired and Denis Fountain, a new member, will be creating our monthly Newsletter that will be delivered direct to your inbox. As with any normal email, you can then read and digest it from your screen or print it out to read at your leisure.

Each new issue will arrive on the 1st. of the month.
Please keep a lookout for it, in case it goes into your Junk/Spam folder.
If it doesn't arrive then, either,
1. We don't have a correct email address for you,
in which case, please contact us on with your details, so you can be added to the distribution list,
2. You don't have an email address!
in which case you can pick up a printed copy from the Clubhouse.

Tums & Bums

Sorry to say that I'm unable to continue with the Monday morning classes until further notice, on medical grounds.
I'm waiting for a consultant appointment and will let you all know when I'm better.
Kind regards,


Message from Vic.


Welcome to our new, responsive website.

You should now be able to view it more easily from your tablets and phones.


Any probs. or queries just drop me a line.