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A Social and Cultural Club for English Speaking People.







I'd like to report that I visited Peter Galloway today (5th. Sept.) and he is feeling much better and almost back to his old self.

He hopes to be home soon and says that he misses everyone and is looking forward to returning to the club and his job as librarian.






Sorry to say that Freddie Thomas died peacefully at home this morning. (28th. August)

Her funeral will be held tomorrow (Tuesday 29th. August) at Estepona Crematorium at 11.30am.

The new Anglican Vicar, Tony Carroll will officiate.


Ian will open the bar for drinks from 12 'ish.




Our Trip to Italy


UPDATE 16th July

I am totally shocked and disappointed at how quickly EasyJet hiked up the price of our Milan flights once we started booking. For anyone unable to book at a sensible price on Friday 10th May it might be a good alternative to book the day before and stay overnight in Milan, I know that some people have already thought of this. Please feel free to message me if you need any help.



We are now ready to book flights for the Lake Maggiore holiday next May. Because the Monday flight is an evening flight, we have to change our departure date to Sunday 5th May with a return on Sunday 12th May. Departure from Malaga to Milan Malpensa at 10.10, departure from Milan to Malaga at 16.40. Please transfer 200 euros per person to ICE club Sabadell account as soon as possible as prices will rise if we don't book quickly.

Sue Potter.


Bank  -  Banco Sabadell, Sabinillas.

IBAN:-     ES98 0081 0535 8800 0131 1734 (Spaces NOT needed)



Please advise  PAUL PARRICK the CLUB TREASURER by email  if you have sent a payment by bank transfer, stating your name and membership number if possible as well as the name of the trip/event


ICE Bowlers

As we are now very low on attending bowlers and July and August hot weather is approaching, I am suspending bowling, from today 2nd. June, until mid September and then assessing whether we continue.

Those who are bowls club members can continue bowling by referring to the bowls club calendar that should be sent to you monthly, if this is not the case you need to speak to club committee.

Regards Terry Smith.

Our New Newsletter

Our printed magazine has now been retired and we have moved into the digital age!
Betty will be creating a monthly Newsletter that will be delivered direct to your inbox. As with any normal email, you can then read and digest it from your screen or print it out to read at your leisure.

Each new issue will arrive on the 1st. of the month.
Please keep a lookout for it, in case it goes into your Junk/Spam folder.
If it doesn't arrive then, either,
1. We don't have a correct email address for you,
in which case, please contact us on with your details, so you can be added to the distribution list,
2. You don't have an email address!
in which case you can pick up a printed copy from the Clubhouse.

As with all new technology, things can go wrong!
Please bear with us for a week or two, We're on the case and will try to get any problems solved as quickly as possible.
If you have problems receiving or reading the Newsletter, just let us know on:

Tums & Bums

Sorry to say that I'm unable to continue with the Monday morning classes until further notice, on medical grounds.
I'm waiting for a consultant appointment and will let you all know when I'm better.
Kind regards,
(Dated 10th. March)


Driving licence update


Spain finally announces British expats can use UK driving licences there without having to retake a test


MADRID – Thousands of British expats in Spain were celebrating after the Spanish government announced they could use their licences in the country, and will not have to retake their tests.


The Spanish cabinet announced Britons could get back on the road from Thursday, 16th. March, but had six months to exchange their licences for Spanish ones.


How to exchange your UK driving licence in Spain.


Spanish Energy saving rules.

Please note that they apply to any ICE Club event held in the Clubhouse. Organisers, please take note.

Under a decree that comes into effect on Tuesday, August 9th and applies to public buildings, shopping centres, cinemas, theatres, rail stations, offices, shops, bars and restaurants, heating should not be set above 19C and air conditioning should not be set below 27C. Doors will need to be closed so as not to waste energy, and lights in shop windows must be switched off after 10 pm.

The premises in question will be required to display signs or screens that explain the energy-saving initiatives.





Latest News


CLICK HERE for latest info.


Wearing of facemasks in hospitals & farmacias.


Last Friday (23rd June 2023) the Spanish government voted to end the need to wear facemasks in hospitals & farmacias.


This is meant to start as of Tuesday 27thJune 2023.


However, within hospitals … you may still need to continue to wear facemasks when in areas where people have low tolerances or are thought of higher risk of infection, so perhaps worth keeping a spare facemask handy for now.


Important information for S1 registered members re EHIC




Message from Vic.


Welcome to our new, responsive website.

You should now be able to view it more easily from your tablets and phones.


Any probs. or queries just drop me a line.