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Online Guide for British Nationals over 50

Citizens Advice.

There is now a service operating in Spain.






Covid Symptoms:


COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most infected people will develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization.


Most common symptoms:


dry cough


Less common symptoms:

aches and pains

sore throat




loss of taste or smell

a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes

Serious symptoms:

difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

chest pain or pressure

loss of speech or movement

Seek immediate medical attention if you have serious symptoms. Always call before visiting your doctor or health facility.

People with mild symptoms who are otherwise healthy should manage their symptoms at home.

On average it takes 5–6 days from when someone is infected with the virus for symptoms to show, however it can take up to 14 days.


IMPORTANT, now us Brits are no longer EU Citizen's we have to renew our Padron every 2 years and not every 5 years as before. More info below.




The government has published a BOE that includes information on the padrón for us Brits now we are non EU citizens. Important to comply because many things could be dependent on the validity of the padrón - TIE, Covid vaccination, car registration, registering the S1, to stand as a candidate in local elections etc.


Registration on the Padrón will take into account the following:

1. The municipal Padrón is the administrative register for the inhabitants of the Municipality. Your data constitutes proof of residence in the municipality and normal address in it. The certificates issued from this data will be public and reliable documents for all administrative purposes.

2. Anyone living in Spain is required to register on the Padrón of their municipality in which they habitually reside. Anyone living in several municipalities, or having several addresses within the same municipality, must be registered only in the one in which you live for longer than a year.

3. Dependants shall have the same address unless they are authorised in writing to reside in another home or municipality.

4. When a person changes residence he or she must apply in writing or via their digital signature

to change the address on the Padrón.

5.The City Council shall provide the standard forms as proof of one’s registration on the Padrón.

6.The Padrón once changed to an address in another municipality will involve automatic cancellation of any previous registrations in other municipalities.

7.The City Council may verify the veracity of the data entered by asking for presentation of documents proving their identity and the address in the municipality. For this purpose, the City Council will be able to check the veracity of the data provided and request an ID, family book, the title deeds or rental contract that legitimises the occupation of the property or other similar documents and personal contact details.

8.Where there is evidence to doubt that the residence in the municipality or any of the data declared by the citizen or to modify details in the Padrón, the City Council will request further proof.

9.If denied a Padrón the applicant has 3 months to appeal.


The BOE contains a lot of information for specific cases but your local Town Hall should be able to help if in doubt.

If you are required to present the actual Padrón document, the certificate itself must be dated within 3 months so you may need to get an updated one and now, most importantly, as non EU citizens, we are obliged to renew our registration on the Padrón every 2 years and not every 5 years as before.





A warning.


Sorry to have to warn others of the latest phone scam, but myself and other local people (I checked with others on Manilva Coffee Chat chatroom and several men and women have said the same thing happened to them in the last 24 hrs). I received a call yesterday afternoon to my landline, others have had the call to their mobiles. If you receive a call from a pleasant and VERY persuasive man talking in Spanish saying he is inviting you to a free healthy cooking class in Estepona run by his Department, the Dept. of Estepona Tourism, and that you can win a free gift by going along, PUT THE PHONE DOWN. I have checked with the lady that actually runs Estepona Tourism, Francine Pompas. and there is NO SUCH COOKING CLASS, it is a scam to get you out of the house in order that a burglary can be arranged in your absence :-( Sorry to spread news like this but better to be pre-warned rather than tricked.






Facemasks. The wearing of masks is now obligatory.



You have to wear a mask while walking to the beach, or on the beach or if sitting with people other than your household. You do not have to wear a mask while swimming or sunbathing with your own household.



You have to wear a mask while walking around the pool area but not while sunbathing with your household or swimming.



You do not have to wear a mask in your car with people from your own household but if you are taking passengers not in your household you do have to wear a mask.



You do not have to wear a mask while exercising. Walking along the seafront is not exercise.


If you do not wear a mask for medical reasons you must have a letter from your doctor to show to the police.


It is an instant €100 fine for failure to adhere to these rules.


Note from Sue about Residencia


This is the translation of the BOE re the TIE, it is rather long!

( BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO / Tarjeta de identidad de extranjero )


CAB are challenging the legality of rules so watch this space.


My understanding is that those who have no Residencia can now apply.


Temporary & Permanent residents, look on your Residencia card to see which you have, need to apply by June 2021 so I wouldn't rush until things are a lot clearer.


Original Spanish version


Translated English version


To Clarify


If you do not hold the green Residencia you must apply for the TIE before the end of December 2020 to protect your rights as a UK citizen living in Spain.


If you already hold a green card Residencia be it A4 or credit card size you are under no obligation to change it to the TIE. All your rights are protected.


If you are already a Resident but wish to exchange to a TIE please do not make an appointment before December 2020 as you will be  taking appointments away  from those who need an appointment before December.


For further information I suggest you watch the video from the British Ambassador on the FB page Brits in Spain




More on the TIE from Brexpats in Spain.


We have alerted the British Embassy in Madrid with regards to the wrongly worded TIEs. So far, we know these cards have been issued in Tenerife, Alicante, Málaga and Galicia. We have been asked by the Embassy to inform them of any developments and we are working closely with them to resolve this so we will update asap but in the meantime, to assess the scale of this, please check your new TIEs and let us know if it says your permission is as a family member of an EU citizen and not in your own right (unless you really are piggy-backing on a family member's right).  Thank you 😊


For those of you that have the new TIE, please check the wording on your TIE re the above.


More info on residency matters from Francine


UK Nationals Support Fund project Supporting UK nationals living in Spain to secure and maintain their residency rights, now that the UK has left the EU. Following the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, the British Government has created the UK Nationals Support Fund (UKNSF) aiming to provide support to those UK Nationals living in the European Union. In this context and running from February 2020 until March 2021, IOM is implementing a joint project engaging IOM missions across multiple EU Member States including France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Italy and Portugal in close cooperation with IOM UK, UK FCO and UK embassies. OBJECTIVE  The objective of the UKNSF Project is to provide direct support to UK Nationals residing in EU/EFTA countries, and their family members, that are looking to maintain their residency in the mentioned Member States after the UK has left the EU.  Support will be targeted to reach UKNs and their family members that may be at risk or with difficulties to complete their residency process. This can include elderly people with limited mobility, people living with different disabilities, or chronic illness, people who face language or literacy barriers, or barriers in accessing technology.

How you can contact us:

Madrid (0034) 699 581 855

Murcia (0034) 648 642  543

Malaga (0034) 650 339 754

Monday to Thursday from 15.00-17.30


Where?  The project will be implemented in Madrid, Andalusia and Murcia. Nevertheless, any at-risk

UK National living in Spain is eligible to receive IOM’s support.   Action:  IOM Spain will provide direct individual support to UKNs to help with their residency applications, through a phone helpline, email or face-to-face case support.   Our legal advisors and caseworkers will provide advice both in English and Spanish.  Outreach and information events will be held in the Spanish regions where the project is implemented.  Informational materials with legal residency requirements and processes will be made available through various channels (e.g. social media, brochures, etc.).