International Club of Estepona

The "ICE" Club

A Social and Cultural Club for English Speaking People.




Sue's Sayings.

A weekly post from our President.


Morning All, another Thursday another no Club day but at least we now have an opening date.


As you can imagine there is a lot of work to be completed before the Club is safe to re-open. Isobella is going to give the Clubhouse a thorough clean. There are lots of regulations that we have to put in place and I'm afraid some of them the members will have to do themselves if not, we will have to close again. I will let you know the rules nearer the date as they may change before then.


As you can tell by previous posts there was some confusion about changing our Residencia cards to TIE. To clarify, if you are already in possession of Residencia be it A4 or credit card sized you DO NOT have to change it, it might even be detrimental to you if you do. The British Embassy would like details of any business that insists you do as they are trying to make money out of you. I will inform you of any change to this information.


Audrey, Eve & Julie continue to improve after their recent operations.


Birthdays this week


4th Olga Henry


5th Terry Clark


6th Stephen McMurty


Happy Birthday to everybody.


Please remember to contact one of us if you are in need, even if you just want a chat, don't suffer in silence we are all here for you.


Keep well, keep safe, remember the virus is still out there.