International Club of Estepona

The "ICE" Club

A Social and Cultural Club for English Speaking People.



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Membership was represented by 62 members present and 17 postal votes

Apologies were received from Ted Lunniss, Wilma Keeley, Fran Horwood, Aileena Maffezzini, Nigel Nevshehir, Elaine Anderson, Jaqui Parrick, Martin Holmes, Cindy Holmes

Management Committee Present:    Sue Potter (President), Joan Thompson (Vice-President), Margaret Whittley (Secretary), Julie Wood (Welfare and Estepona), Brenda Taylor (Catering Manager),  Diane Hackett (Housekeeper), Sheila Fox (Magazine Editor), Michael Dowling (Retiring Committee Member – Publicity)


Presidents Welcome

Minutes of the last AGM

Matters arising from Minutes

President´s Report

Auditor´s Report

Financial Report

Bar Report

Catering Report

Maintenance Report

Housekeeper´s Report

Membership Fee for 2021




Sue Potter welcomed members present and asked for all mobile phones to be switched off.  She announced that member Joseph Illingsworth had died on Monday and that the funeral was to be held at 4.00pm that afternoon.  A minute´s silence was held for all our members who had passed away over the previous year.

MINUTES OF THE LAST AGM – The minutes were posted in the Club premises for the required 90 days during which time members were requested to read same.


There being no other matters arising the Minutes were passed by

PRESIDENT´S REPORT Sue Potter (2003012) is attached

Margaret Whittley announced at the end of the Report that Honorary Membership was to be offered to Rob Potter for his many year´s service to the Club.

AUDITOR´S REPORT Doug Mitchell (2006152) is attached

FINANCIAL REPORT Ted Lunniss (2006117)

Unfortunately due to the hospitalisation the day before of Ted there wasn´t a Report.  Sue Potter endeavoured to answer any questions arising from the previously circulated accounts.

Richard Wood (200001) asked why the accounts showed a very large profit margin of 5733.50€ compared to the previous year for long trips away.  Sue explained that in 2018 there had been only one long trip which had not been full but there had been two in 2019 both of which had been fully booked.  She said the more guests participate the greater the surplus.  The profit margin is based on 40 people attending with a 10% profit criteria.

Christina Woodward (199114) agreed that 10% profit critera was very reasonable and if no-one objects there wasn´t a problem in her opinion.

Christine Woodward (199114) brought up the magazine increased loss of 1800€ to 2400€ this last year.  She asked could it not be pared down eg by listing Committee telephone numbers on the notice board rather than printing each month but Sue pointed out that these details need to be in the magazine for referral at home by members.

Joe Thorley (2007096) was concerned that the Club had lost over 200 members by non-renewal this year but it was pointed out that this was in correct and we currently have 366 compared to 380 last year.

He also enquired if electricity costs were investigated and compared to get the best deal.  Sue confirmed that this was indeed done and we currently use Iberola.  There was a waste of electricity due to air conditioning being used when not always necessary and often being left on and also room and toilet lights being left on before the premises were locked after events.

Joe also queried the increased cleaning costs which had been mainly due to having had a deep steam clean of the kitchen at the time of the new cookers being installed.

Joe enquired why account/audit expense was high.  This was due to Ted`s computer having broken and a new accounts software package needed both of which the Club had paid for to enable him to do the job of Treasurer.

Proposed by Christina Woodward (199114) and seconded by Maureen Winckle (1989008)

BAR REPORT Rob Potter (2003011) is attached – Rob gave thanks for the Honorary Membership

CATERING REPORT Brenda Taylor (2009047) is attached

MAINTENANCE REPORT Doug Mitchell (2006152) is attached

HOUSEKEEPER´S REPORT Diane Hackett (2013067) is attached

MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR 2021 to remain the same at 35€ for renewal and 55€ for new members


· Jaqui Parrick (2018008) had completed the appropriated nomination form by the due date and was sponsored by Jaquey O´Brien (2018022)

· Ian Horwood (2019039) had completed the appropriate nomination form by the due date and was sponsored by Rob Potter (2003011)

· Phil O´Brien (2018023) had completed the appropriate nomination form by the due date and was sponsored by Richard Wood (2000017)

Voting took place with the following results:

For Against Abstain

Jaqui Parrick 76      1              2

Ian Horwood 78      1      0

Phil O´Brien 75      1      3

As Diane Hackett (2013067) and Wilma Keeley (2013063) were unopposed to stay on the Committee a vote was not necessary


· Coronavirus was discussed with Sue reminding everyone to be very aware of hygiene and use the hand sanitizers which had been provided at each door entrance.

· It was pointed out that bar prices had remained the same since 2005 but regrettably a glass of wine would now be increased to 1.50€, spirits to 2.00€ each and ba bottle of wine to 7€ with effect from 30 March.  All other drinks would remain the same.

· Brian Woodward (1999113) was concerned about membership numbers being low and suggested more signage could be put up outside the Club premises and an appointed person given a budget to advertise.   Sue pointed out that we have flyers which people could take and distribute, the Publicity Officer sent information to the local newspapers but very rarely was anything published (there is now much competition with other Clubs in the area) and we have a free Facebook page with 185 members (not all of whom were Club members).  Sue agreed that we perhaps should get a new sign outside as the previous one had been destroyed in bad weather over the years.

· Richard Wood (2000017) thinks there is an outside understanding that it is a very British Club rather than international but with English speaking members, this being the main criteria of joining

There being no other business the Meeting closed at 11.55am  

Signed _______________________________

Date _______________________________


Welcome everyone to this AGM and thank you for taking the time to attend, it’s good that I am able to attend this year. Please make sure all mobile phones are switched off or onto silent. You have all been given voting papers, please do not separate them but leave them as a whole, we are trying to speed up the process of voting. Now would be a good time to remember all those members who we have had to say our final goodbyes to since the last AGM.

As usual I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many volunteers who ensure the smooth running of the Club, the ticket ladies Maggie Whittley, Jackie Simmonds and Fran Horwood. Thank you to Maggie who also does a sterling job at secretarial duties. Thank to Richard Wood who collects the revenue for the advertising in the magazine. Thanks to Cindy Holmes for the upkeep of the DVD library and to David Hackett for running the lottery every week, Peter Galloway for maintaining the book library . Thanks to Sheila Fox who edits the magazine. Thanks to Sally Holloway for the collection of membership fees and updating computer records. To Vic Loughran, Terry Smith, Sheila Fox and Maggie Whittley for printing posters, tickets and restaurant vouchers, sometimes at very short notice. Thanks to Vic Loughran who is in charge of updating the website. Rob Potter and his brigade of volunteers who help run the bar, Doug Mitchell for maintenance and audit, Diane Hackett for housekeeping duties, Ted Lunnis our Treasurer who always makes sure we have a healthy balance in the bank. Thanks to Julie Woods for organising ladies lunches and to Brenda Taylor and her group of volunteers who produce such lovely meals on a Thursday and on special events and to Maureen Winckle, Stephanie Monahan and Aileena Maffezzini for selling lunch tickets. Thanks go to Joan Thompson, Diane Hackett and Wilma Keeley for various trips that they have organised. Thanks to Wilma Keeley for Welfare and Julie Wood for catering at Wakes. Thanks also to Maureen Winckle and her group of volunteers doing the meet and greet at the front door every Thursday. Thanks are due to the organisers of all our regular events, Art group and classes, bowls, bridge, canasta, drama, film night, gardening club, genealogy, golf, Mah-jong, Photos, Quiz, Rambling, Songs of Praise, Spanish, Whist, Yoga and our new activities Krafty Klub, Computer and History Groups. I would like to thank all of the Committee for their help and support over the past year. If I have forgotten anyone I apologise, as you have heard, to run a successful Club with a variety of interests we need so many volunteers, we all pay our fees yearly but still volunteer to go that extra mile. Without you all, the Ice Club wouldn’t exist. Last but not least I’d like to thank all the members for their support of myself and the committee at all of the events and trips. It has been a very busy year with what I hope you agree was a full and varied calendar.

Maintenance of club premises and equipment is always ongoing, if you see anything that needs repairing please inform Doug Mitchell or one of the Committee..

The Committee have already got lined up for you many exciting events and trips, including in 10 days time we are off to Granada, always a popular trip. I hope you will continue to support us and if you have any ideas for events or trips please do let us know.

Richard Wood is standing down as Advertising manager, thank you for all your hard work Richard. We have still not been able to fill this position, without advertisers the magazine would cost us a great deal of money, if you think you can cover this vacancy please speak now or come and see me after the meeting.

Rob Potter is standing down as Bar Manager, thank you Rob for all your years of service to the Club as Bar Manager, Maintenance Manager and then again as Bar Manager. Ian Horwood has agreed to become Bar Manager and is willing to sit on the Committee so I hope you will all show him your support and vote for him later on in the proceeds.

Sheila Fox is stepping down from being the Editor of the magazine this year but is continuing to stay on as a Committee member. Thank you Sheila for all your hard work. I am pleased to announce that Betty Fooks has agreed to become Magazine Editor but does not want to sit on the Committee.  

Fran Horwood and Michael Dowling are stepping down from the Committee and we thank them for their help over their time of office.

Nobody has stood against Diane Hackett or Wilma Keeley, so they will stay in their respective jobs.  Phil O Brien has agreed to come onto the Committee, it is always good to see new members standing for the Committee especially of the male variety so again I would hope that you will all give him your support.

Joan Thompson is standing down as Vice President and leaving the Committee. Joan of course is a Founder Member of the Club and has been President many times. Joan has always been an active member of the Club and indeed of the Committee, Joan we shall miss you, enjoy your rest but don’t worry we’ll still come to you for trips, booking coaches etc!! So on behalf of us all I’d like to offer this gift to you as an appreciation of all the work you have done for the Club, without your vision this very successful Club would not be in existence.

Jaqui Parrick is willing to stand as Vice President so I would hope that you will all support her when it comes to voting time.

Thank you once again everyone for all your support.

Sue Potter President I.C.E. (Siberme)



I have audited the ICE Club accounts from January to December 2019. In general the accounts continue to be monitored and presented in a professional manner and the annual balance sheet accurately reflects the financial position of the club as of the 31st of December 2019.


Our fixed costs have increased over the year.  Some of our trips were not as profitable as we hoped but some trips were.


The bar continues to make a profit with the average takings of 1572 euros per month.


Our total net assets are only slightly down on the previous year. We hope the financial position will improve over the next year due to the increase in membership fees and a more economical security system.


Doug Mitchell (2006152)

Bar Manager’s Report for the AGM to be held Thursday 12th March 2020

Firstly I would like to thank the Committee for my Honorary Membership.

I’m pleased to be able to attend this year’s meeting in person. This of course will be my last Bar Manager report as I am standing down this year. I hope you will all give Ian your support and I wish him well but more of that later.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many volunteers who undertake to give up their free time to work behind the bar, without these people we would be unable to open the bar every Thursday Sunday Tuesday or at any other event. We could always do with more volunteers even though we have had a few new ones in 2019, we do train you before letting you loose on the club members, if you are interested please see Ian. A special thank you to Stephanie Monahan who volunteers every Sunday to take tapas orders and wash up and also the people who volunteer to wash up after the Thursday meetings, both of these are a great help. A special thank you to Mac for all the hard work and covering for me last year while I was armless.

When a glass is broken please don’t put the pieces in any of the bins, we have plastic bottles behind the bar where all the pieces can be safely stored ready to be put into the outside bins. As you may appreciate when the bottle bin is emptied by club members, sometimes in the dark, they could easily be cut by unprotected broken glass.

When you leave please make sure you clear your table, dirty glasses to the bar, rubbish in the bin, plate and cutlery to the kitchen and if you see someone leave their table still cluttered please remind them nicely as they may be new members. Just a reminder, the water bottles no longer go in the glass bin they are recycled and go into the crates that are stacked by the lift.

I’m afraid you will still see Sue & I behind the bar and helping out where necessary.

Thank you

Rob Potter - Bar Manager I.C.E (Siberme)

CATERING REPORT - Brenda Taylor (2009047)

Good morning, well I was not supposed to be here this year saying this speech to you, but, due to unforeseen circumstances for Jaqui and Paul I took over the responsibility of catering manager once again.  Jaqui arranged the purchased two new gas ovens and a total clean of the kitchen.  As most of you know it was our 50th wedding anniversary this year which we spent in Australia for two months which left Sue and Wilma with lots of work to do luckily Sally and Steve help out with the cooking.  But now I have to say I will not be carrying on as catering manager so once again I am asking for some of the new members to step up and contribute to the club, help with the cooking, it is not that hard to do none of the cooks are chefs we are just home cooks if we can do so can you.  Without the contribution of you all buying our Thursday lunches and all the meals and themed night there will be no contributions to the money the club receives. What will happen if there are not enough cooks cooking, please think really hard about this.  Perhaps no club.

If anybody realized what I have said and thinks they could help in the kitchen, cooking, preparing or doing a themed night please come and see me at anytime.  We are now looking for a catering manager.


During 2019 I have repaired several chair arms, replaced many light bulbs and batteries.  Replaced the lights outside the main doors, replaced 2 fly catchers, one in the kitchen and one in the bar.  I have repaired the ceiling fan in the club room.

Two Toldos have been replaced due to storm damage, the glass washer has been repaired twice and the coffee machine three times.

Doug Mitchell


Good morning Members.

I have not too much to report on Housekeeping this time.

The back kitchen was completely cleared out and a lot of unused items were disposed of. Unfortunately, because of my accident I was unable to help but I must congratulate all people concerned who did a sterling job with this and it now looks really tidy with much more room.

On a lighter note I can happily say I have managed to secure plenty of toilet rolls in case anyone was getting worried!

Diane Hackett (2013067)