International Club of Estepona

The "ICE" Club

A Social and Cultural Club for English Speaking People.



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Membership was represented by 50 members present and 8 postal votes


Apologies received from Richard Worden and Margaret Worden


Management Committee Present:    Sheila Fox (President), Ted Lunniss (Treasurer), Margaret Whittley (Secretary), Julie Wood (Estepona), Brenda Taylor (Housekeeper), Diane Hackett (Welfare) Ian Horwood (Bar Manager) Daniel Hackston (Member), Sue Potter (Co-opted Member)




President’s Welcome

Minutes of the last AGM

Matters Arising from Minutes

President’s Report

Auditor’s Report

Financial Report

Bar Report

Catering Report

Maintenance Report

House Manager’s Report

Membership Fee for 2023

Proposals regarding magazine





Sheila Fox welcomed members present and asked for all mobile phones to be switched off

MINUTES OF THE LAST AGM – The minutes were posted in the Club premises for the required 90 days during which time members were requested to read same.




There being no matters arising the Minutes were proposed by John Barr-Richardson (2018055) and seconded by Doug Proctor (2009069)


PRESIDENT´S REPORT – Sheila Fox (2014074) is attached


AUDITOR´S REPORT – Doug Mitchell (2006152) is attached


FINANCIAL REPORT - Ted Lunniss (2006177) – Treasurer´s Report attached


Doug Proctor (2009069) asked what impact the change of administration of the urbanisation had had on the Club.  Ted explained that there had been an increased charge of 150€ per calendar month for five months to cover urbanisation losses.  Fortunately there was enough in our Bank to cover these extra costs.


Tony Winterton (2018003) asked if the Club would be entitled to any sort of grant following hardship during the pandemic It was pointed out that as we are a non-profit making organisation we wouldn´t be eligible.  Fran Horwood (2018049) said it would be worth exploring as she knew that some local authorities had helped local charities. 


Finola Proctor (2009068) asked if the Club could be made available for other groups to hold events to bring in extra income.  Sue Potter responded that the Club Rules state that the premises can only be used by Bahia Dorada Urbanisation to hold their AGM.  Asked if the Club Rules could be changed Sheila said they could but at great expense and that a Club key-holder would have to be in attendance for the whole of any such event in a supervisory capacity, requiring more volunteers to come forward.  Ian Horwood (2019039) also mentioned that we may not be insured for non-members.  Angela Bladen (2008066) suggested we could pay a Manager to do this but it was stated that would be expensive as we would have to be involved in employment issues such as National Insurance, Tax etc.  When asked if she would be prepared to volunteer to supervise such a function, Angela said she would be prepared to do it for a British Legion event with which she is involved but not for any others.


Proposed by Tony Winterton (2018003) and seconded by Ron Pegrum (2011010))


BAR MANAGER´S REPORT – Ian Horwood (2019039) is attached






HOUSE MANAGER´S REPORT – Brenda Taylor (2009047) is attached




The Committee proposes that the amount be increased to 40€ from 1 January 2023.




  • not having a magazine

  • bi-monthly production

  • revert to monthly production


In the absence of the Editor Betty Fooks, Sheila reiterated that the magazine is an excellent marketing tool and gave some facts and figures to help Members decide which way to vote:


In 2017 we had 26 Advertisers, 14 full page colour ads and 3 black and white pages – 17 pages in total.

Annual income from Advertisers for 2017 was 3274€

2018 was 4530€

2020 was 1029€

2021 was 1057€


In comparison this latest edition February/March 2022 (5 years later) was 40 pages with only 8 pages of adverts.


Today we have only 10 Advertisers, 4 of whom are quarter page adverts.


The revenue from Advertisers is now greatly reduced due to Covid and to not having an advertising Manager to recruit business.  The cost of production is usually about 450€ each issue depending on numbers - the cost of each magazine is approximately 3€ per copy.  Sheila mentioned that an alternative could be a monthly newsletter sent to Members but not everyone has an e-mail address.  Bea Sykes (2010021) commented that there wasn´t any mention of a newsletter in the proposals – this was because costings and details had not yet been decided should that route be taken.


Stephanie Monahan (2006024) suggested we could charge advertisers to use the noticeboard but Richard Wood (2000017) felt that Advertisers prefer to be visited especially to pay their fees over in cash.  It was also stated that many Advertisers now prefer to use their website and Facebook page.


Anne Hardwick (1990011) commented that she would hate to see the magazine go after it being in production in some form or another since the Club was founded and thanked Richard Wood for his work as Advertising Manager in the past.




Sue Potter (2003012) had completed the appropriate nomination form by the due date and was sponsored by Sally Holloway (2013073)

Voting took place with the following results:


      For Against   Abstain

52 2 3




Voting took place with the following results:


Increase by 5€ per annum to €40 43

Remain the same 10

Spoilt voting slips   4




No magazine   8

Bi-monthly 45

Monthly   4




  • Angela Bladen (2008066) enquired if the Suggestion Box had been opened.  Sheila confirmed it had and explained that as suggestions had only been placed there the evening before the Committee Meeting on Tuesday which was primarily for AGM business, there had not been time to discuss the contents fully and would be done at the next Committee Meeting.

  • Lynette McGinniss (2021013) made a suggestion that the magazine could be produced quarterly with either a charge or donation being made.

  • Tony Winterton (2018003) queried why the Thursday Bridge Group had not appeared in the magazine calendar.  Sheila explained that notice of its resumption (after Covid) had commenced after publication of the last magazine.  Tony also queried why Organisers were not showing for various groups i.e. Gardening, Scrabble, Petanca, Drama.  This was because presently there aren´t any Organisers in post for the first three and whilst Freddie Thomas is now supposedly Organiser of the Drama Group this information had not been forwarded to the Magazine Editor or indeed any progress made on getting the Group together for a production.

  • Doug Proctor (2009069) asked if the Signing-in Book was regularly checked to monitor if non-members were coming into the Club more than allowed.  Sheila said this was done at intervals but could not guarantee that it was done on a “gospel basis”.

  • Both Patricia Gommersall (2016039) and Geoff Fabron (2019006) asked for clarification on how many visits non-members could make to the Club without joining.  The answer is three times per lifetime except for house guests of Members who were allowed to visit whenever they were staying here.

  • Ann Hardwick (1990011) as a Founder Member expressed how proud she was of the Club and to still be a member after 33 years.


There being no other business the Meeting closed at 12.15pm


Signed ____________________________


Date ____________________________




Welcome everybody and thank you for coming today to support your Club.  I’d ask you all to please turn your mobile phones to silent.


Now would be a good time to remember all those members to whom we have had to say our final goodbyes since the last AGM as well as thinking of the people of Ukraine today.


Well, this has been a harder year than I expected when I put myself forward for election in March 2021. But it has certainly gone quickly. It’s been particularly difficult because there has not been a full committee and most of us have been doing at least 2 people’s jobs.  I’ve hardly had time to get used to the idea of being The President and now I am facing a second year, but with more confidence and understanding of what is required.


The covid rules have been tough and difficult to enforce in many ways, but I hope they are now going to get easier. I think we all realise that we now have to live with this disease, and we have to take whatever precautions we can to keep ourselves and each other safe. This time last year the vaccinations were only just an idea and now most of us have had 3 jabs.


As is the usual procedure at this time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many volunteers who ensure the smooth running of the Club. I do appreciate their help and commitment to the Club. 


Firstly, the ticket ladies Maggie Whittley and Fran Horwood. Thanks also to Maggie who does a sterling job as club secretary and is an ear for my frequent questions and to provide help and advice, whenever I ask.  Thank you to Diane Hackett for her work as Welfare Officer as well as organiser of trips and the long-awaited trip to Granada which will finally happen next week after it was cancelled this time last year. 46 members and guests will depart on Monday for 5 days.

Thanks to Cindy Holmes for the upkeep of the DVD library. Cindy has now decided to step down from this role (or ¨Hang up her Boots” as Martin has told me). Thanks to Dave Hackett for running the lottery every week, and to Ken Holloway who stood in for him while he was away. To Peter Galloway for maintaining the book library, week after week.  Thanks to Betty Fooks who edits the magazine - the production of which has not been easy. It has been a constant challenge to meet the deadlines, not knowing if we will print a magazine or not, as we may be locked down again at a moment’s notice. 

Thanks to Sally Holloway for the collection of membership fees and updating the computer records and to Carole Murray who stood in for Sally when she was on holiday.  To Vic Loughran and Maggie Whittley for printing posters, tickets and restaurant vouchers, sometimes at very short notice.  Thanks also to Vic Loughran for managing and updating the website. Thanks to Ian Horwood and his team of volunteers who help run the bar and to Ian for doubling as Maintenance Manager for most of the year. To Doug Mitchell for audit, Diane Hackett for Welfare Officer, Ted Lunniss our Treasurer who always tries to keep a healthy balance in the bank although that has been hard in 2021 with more monies going out than income received.  Thanks to Julie Wood for organising ladies’ lunches. To Brenda Taylor for housekeeping and along with Bob Taylor, Dan & Renee Hackston and Sue & Rob Potter and the  group of volunteers who produce such lovely meals on a Thursday and on special events.

Thanks to Wilma Keeley who has now returned to the UK to live but was Catering Manager for most of 2021. We are truly going to miss her drive and determination, going forward. To Maureen Winckle and Stephanie Monahan for selling lunch tickets and doing the meet and greet at the front door every Thursday. 


Thanks are due to the organisers of all our regular events, Art group and Art Classes, bowls which re-started last month after a long closure of the Bowls Club, Bridge, Canasta, Film Night, Golf, History, Krafty Club, Mah-jong, Quiz, Rambling, Songs of Praise, Spanish and Bums & Tums exercise class.

I would like to thank all the Committee for their help and support over the past year. If I have forgotten anyone I apologise. As you have heard, to run a successful Club with a variety of interests we need many volunteers.  We all pay our annual membership fees, but still it is necessary to volunteer where you can to keep the club going. Without volunteers the Ice Club would not exist. 


Please can I remind you that we do not know of people’s special birthdays or anniversaries so please inform Diane so that we can help celebrate.  Birthdays to celebrate are 80, 90 & 100. Anniversaries are 40, 50, 60, 70 & 75. In fact, we don’t know everyone’s birthday, especially if you have not provided the information on your membership form.


I’d like to thank all the members for their support of me and of the Committee at any of the events and trips we have held this past year


Maintenance of club premises and equipment is always ongoing, if you see anything that needs to be repaired, please inform Ian Horwood or Brenda Taylor or one of the Committee.


The Committee have already got lined up for you many exciting events and hopefully some trips all with safety in mind.


If you have any ideas for events or trips please do let us know or use the suggestion box !!!


The Committee is continuing this year with Margaret Whittley as Secretary, Ted Lunniss as Treasurer and Julie Wood as organiser of Ladies Lunches, Ian Horwood continues as Bar Manager. Brenda Taylor will continue the role of House Manager, Diane Hackett the role of Welfare Officer and Wakes Organiser.  Dan Hackston will take on the position of Assistant Treasurer. We thank them all for the work they have done over the last year.


Sue Potter is standing as Vice President to support me in the coming year. Please vote for her. She will continue to work in the bar, kitchen and run various events and activities and of course she will keep us up to date on FB and the Website with the ongoing Covid regulations.


We still have the following committee positions available – Catering Manager and 2 other positions. As well as the non-committee posts – Advertising Manager, Maintenance Manager and DVD organiser.


Before I finish thanking everybody, I would like to inform you that we now have 367 members on our FaceBook page, not all of them are ICE members but they are following us. It is a good tool to advertise our Club and the events we hold. Those of you that follow us, I hope you all find it helpful and informative. All the information we post on our FB page is also on our Website and updated by Vic.


Thank you once again everyone for all your support.


Sheila Fox   2014074



I have audited the I C E Club accounts from January till December 2021.

In general the accounts continue to be monitored and presented in a professional manner and the annual balance sheet accurately reflects the financial position of the Club as of the 31st December 2021.

However, we are still suffering from the Covid pandemic - our membership renewals were down as was the number of new members. Some of our costs increased - for example magazine printing and community fees . On the plus side the bar takings increased as did the profits from our events and we are still in a fairly healthy financial position as the balance sheet reflects.

Doug Mitchell (2006152) - Auditor 



Unfortunately, 2021 has been another disruptive year due to “the virus”.  Eight months of the year have resulted in a loss position, with the other months only achieving a surplus of 2,780€, year´s overheads being 25k+€


Membership was of course badly affected – a total of approximately half of 2019´s total.

However we still have 17,000€ available in our bank and in cash so there is no immediate threat but we do need to improve our income.


Of the total deficit, 2179€ was lift depreciation which is a non-cash item.


Membership and bar takings are still our main sources of income, with events and catering also contributing.  However, we do need more bar and catering volunteers.


Another blow is the situation with the Community going into administration due to poor administration and failure of many residents to pay their fees.


Advertising receipts have been maintained but magazine costs have risen, we hope that by making production on a bi-monthly basis this will improve.


As a socio-cultural organisation we are not liable for, nor do we charge IVA.


Hopefully with no covid restrictions in 2022 we can arrange more events, activities and trips.


I thank Vic Loughran for deputising for me and Doug Mitchell for auditing.


I have received one letter regarding the accounts, mainly relating to presentation, and these are reflected in the accounts now presented.


The final point concerning the amount of insurance for loss of cash by theft, has been found to be inadequate and will be addressed in the future.


Thank you all for your kind attention.


Ted Lunniss  (2006177) - Treasurer



It has been a busy and profitable year for the bar over 2021 due primarily to the increase in activities and events afforded by the changes to COVID regulations throughout the year.

Having said that it has still been a challenging year for the volunteers who had to work with masks and help ensure the security and compliance to the changing rules. Unfortunately, we sometimes ended up as the baddie whilst trying to ensure adherence by all members.

Whilst the bar turnover has increased and sales of beer is up over 2020 I have made the decision to continue without Victoria beer on tap. I will, obviously, continue to monitor beer sales and if the numbers support it change that decision as soon as possible. We also continue to only sell Peñascal by the bottle to reduce wastage but this has now become accepted.

The larger wine glasses have been a major success and much appreciated by all members. I have therefore purchased more (slightly smaller) for the consumption of white and Rose wine. I have also increased the quantity as we did not have enough to support the larger in-house events.

I have received quite a bit of feedback from members regarding the choice (or lack of) of wines and other beverages. Whilst I appreciate that people like options especially when enjoying a special occasion, but the ability to hold large numbers of differing choices means that we have more waste. Once bottles or cartons are opened the contents must be consumed within a short period of time, or thrown away. The ability of the club to maintain reasonable profit from the bar takings is only enabled by ensuring that we stock and maintain the beverages that is requested by the majority of the members. Having said that, I have procured more red and white wine options and will continue to respond to members´ request where it makes financial sense.

I would like to end on a more positive note. The bar can only function and service the members through its volunteers. I am lucky to have an excellent pool of both older, and newer, members who always put their hands up to volunteer behind the bar. Without this team of volunteers there would be no bar, and thereby no formal way of supporting club events etc. ALL bar volunteers have my enduring thanks and gratitude for all the work last year, and for the coming year.


Ian Horwood (201903)



Morning all

Some of the things that have been carried out this year.  


We had the outside entrance and steps cleaned and repainted.

We had the gents´ toilets which had some mould on the ceiling treated and repainted. The toldos ceiling was treated where it was peeling off was repaired and repainted.

We have spent a great deal of money over the covid period on hand sanitizers and disinfectant for all tables and chairs and thank you all for using them.  Let’s hope we don’t have to use them again.

We have purchased normal supplies for Isabella, also paper towels and toilet rolls.

Finally, I would like to thank Diane for helping me carry out my duties when I was busy cooking Thursday lunches Brenda Taylor (2009047)